Thank you for considering my FSBO Consulting services, I’m happy to offer my assistance to help you succeed at selling your home FSBO.

Selling a property FSBO is a big undertaking, it’s never as easy as the FSBO websites want you to think it is because “The Devil is In the Details” and that’s where I can really help you. There is an old saying “don’t make a straight line crooked” If we agree to work together I will help you stay on the straight and narrow road so your time is spent doing those things that will help you sell your property.

Now you ask, “Why would a Real Estate Agent” like myself offer to help you sell your property FSBO? That’s really a great question that deserves a serious honest answer.

I’m offering to help you because I want your referrals, it’s that simple. The real estate business is about getting referrals.  It’s my opinion that FSBO sellers like yourself would gladly trade referrals for the opportunity to increase your chances to succeed.

Unlike other real estate agents, it’s my belief that if you really have you mind set on selling FSBO who am I to try and stop you, instead I’d rather help you so that you will send me referrals.

A basic 7 step process to follow!

For you to succeed as a FSBO seller you will need a realistic game plan that I can help you with.  With my assistance I’ll help you avoid the most common seller mistakes, you’ll know what things to do first, how to handle buyers and know what to expect from the selling process.

1Look before your leap! Selling FSBO is a big undertaking with many moving parts, make sure you understand what is involved.

2- Its been said The person that represents himself is a fool!”  Selling your own home is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. During the entire process of listing, selling and closing the only person that will be representing your best interests will be your attorney, so make sure you hire one.

3-Proper pricing is critical! The biggest mistake FSBO sellers make concerns pricing. This is the one place you do not want to start out wrong, priced to low and you lose money, priced to high and it costs you money. Since the first two weeks of your listing is the most critical you shouldn’t waste it, you need to make sure “The Price Is Right”!.

4- A picture is worth a thousand words! High quality realistic photographs of your property (inside and out) will help you, poor quality photos will not!

5- You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression! Proper staging can be critical to your property selling quickly and at the highest possible price.  You should get an unbiased professional opinion on how to create excitement for your home.

6-The sale isn’t finished until the paperwork is done!  Do you know what paperwork you should consider using? There are various forms available, it’s important that you know which of these you may want to work with if any.

7- Set it and forget it! You need to make sure your FSBO listing is set up for peak results on the website you’ve selected. You shouldn’t just upload property photos without purpose and write your property description without giving every word and phrase serious thought and consideration. When done correctly it should encourage more buyer inquiries.

What’s Next!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with all the above I suggest that you contact me to discuss this matter in more detail.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Text or Call # 561-793-2493, or drop me an email at peterrejunerealtor@gmail.com

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