Customer Testimonials better then Tooting Your Own Horn

October 21, 2018

It’s highly likely that you’ve dealt with at some time or another sales people that proudly proclaim “We’re the best!or I can make you a deal like no body else! or simply say Yes!

Hard core, ruthless get the check or be killed sales people employ the “Yes Strategy” because it works. They learn through experience that prospective Buyers need to hear the magic word “Yes” even when they both (buyer and sales person) know in their heart its not right or real. Its just a flaw in our DNA, people yearn to hear what they want to hear and unfortunately there are many in sales that will oblige.

Those sales people that embrace “the Yes strategy” will do so at their customers expense, because winning at any cost is all that matters to them. Now granted, this Yes strategy can and often does eventually catch up with the sales person and or company but its always at the expense of the customers they leave behind.

Remember the 2008 housing crash, how did that happen? It was simple, all parties to the transaction just said YES, Realtors, builders and lenders said YES because the short term gain from the sale was more important then the well being of the customer. Now that being said the Buyers also wanted to hear Yes, so they ended up buying homes they were told they qualified for but were not told they couldn’t afford, many defaulting within months of closing. Should they have known better, Yes, but when you want something so badly and everybody that is supposed to know better says Yes you can have it, its easy to see how the general public went willingly along to their own demise. Ask yourself, What if these buyers asked for buyer testimonials from any of these involved parties might they have saved themselves a world of heart ache, I think so!

Now what does all this have to do with Customer Testimonials? Seems like an easy answer. Would you rather hear the sales person tell you how great they are, say YES, YES, YES to everything you want or would you rather be able to read what customers say about the service and results experienced at the hands of the sales person. IMO when you can, get testimonials from past clients because nothing is better for you and your prospective client then to read praise from a satisfied client rather then just from the person trying to sell you.

In real estate if you ask a Realtor your considering to work with you for customer testimonials and they don’t have any, how would that make you feel? Would that make you any different to you about hiring them? It should! Next follow up question to ask them is WHY NOT? That is a question they wont be able to answer at least in a satisfactory way because there is no reason not to ask for and or get testimonials from satisfied customers. Why wouldn’t a Realtor have testimonials? Its to their benefit and would help bolster any claims to fame they may make. See these testimonials and think about how these might help one determine whether to work with a particular Realtor or not.