INTERESTED IN SELLING YOUR HOME FSBO?  I’m happy to offer my assistance to help you to that end.

Selling a property FSBO is a big undertaking, it’s never as easy as the FSBO websites want you to think it is because “The Devil is In the Details” and that’s where I can really help you. There is an old saying “don’t make a straight line crooked. If we agree to work together I will help you throughout the entire process so that you minimize complications and maximize results.

Now you ask, “Why would a Real Estate Agent” like myself offer to help you sell your property FSBO? That’s really a great question that deserves a serious honest answer.

I’m offering to help you for two very good reasons.

1- I want your real estate referrals. The real estate business is about getting referrals.  It’s my opinion that in return for my assistance you would gladly provide me with buyer and seller referrals.

2- Real estate agents don’t want to help you sell FSBO! If you really have you mind set on selling FSBO who am I to try to talk you out of it. I’d rather help you in return for your referrals and a small consultant fee once your home is under contract.

In conclusion: For you to succeed as a FSBO seller you need a realistic game plan that I can help you with so you will avoid making the most common seller mistakes, learn what things to do first, how to handle buyers and what to expect from the selling process. I’ll explain and walk you through the listing, selling and closing process with specific guidelines for you to follow.

What’s Next!

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you be more successful at selling FSBO I suggest that you call me.

Text or Call # 561-793-2493, or drop me an email at peterrejunerealtor@gmail.com

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